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Down Lighting

One of the most popular lighting options in Melbourne’s homes is down lighting. Also known as “can lights”, down lighting is fitted into a ceiling and creates a single beam of light downward to create a spectacular lighting effect. Down lighting is also one of the most affordable ways to improve the dramatic presentation in your home because they can be fitted with energy-saving bulbs that cut your electrical use while maximizing presentation.

Down lights are available in several different options. The biggest difference between these choices is the type of bulb the down lights you choose:

  • Compact Fluorescents – These specially-made fluorescent lights require less energy than traditional halogen lights but create an impressive beam of light for your down lights.

  • LED Lighting – While a bit more costly than other options, LED lighting last much longer before needing replacement and provide one of the most energy-efficient options for your home or business. And as the technology improves, the cost of LED lighting is coming down, making them more popular all the time.

  • Halogen Lights – Halogens are the workhorse of down lighting. Due to their compact size and bright illumination, halogen lights provide a high-quality light that truly emphasizes the down lighting effect.

Down lights are a great option for both home and business because they can be installed quickly and simply just about anywhere, including bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. They can even be fitted beneath cabinets or under benches to create a memorable, impressive lighting effect.

Not only are they highly decorative, but they are economical as well. You can use down lights anywhere that you don’t need to provide blanket lighting over a wide area, but instead prefer just to highlight specific areas or provide a dramatic illumination wherever you please.

Down lights instantly improve the look of any area by reducing glare and providing a memorable lighting effect that will capture the imagination of the viewer.

Contact Paul Gerber Electrics who are professional and trusted Melbourne electricians to learn more about down lights and how they can convert your home or office into a spectacular, dramatic space.

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Down Lighting

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Melbourne Downlights

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Downlight Melbourne

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