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LED Lighting

The most fashionable homes in Melbourne are now using LED lighting to create a modern, highly stylized lighting system. LED lights are an affordable, contemporary option for converting your home into a dramatic space your guests will always remember.

Besides their spectacular appearance, LED lights are also surprisingly affordable. If you haven’t shopped for LED lights in a while, you are sure to be delighted at how the price has dropped substantially during the past several years. Once an option only for the super-rich or the most fashionable home designers, LED lights are now affordable enough to be used in any home.

The term “LED” stand for “Light Emitting Diode” the semiconductor device that converts electrical impulses into pinpoints of light. This high-tech system is both practical and energy-efficient, providing a dramatic yet affordable lighting effect in practically any area of your home of business.

Additionally, LED lighting has many functional benefits over other types of lighting, including:

  • Energy Efficiency – LED lights use only about 15% of the electricity that a standard light bulb uses, making them 85% more efficient. They also create less heat, so they won’t heat up space in your home that requires costly air conditioning to cool down.
  • Longer Life Span – Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED lighting lasts about 8 to 10 times longer before requiring replacement. LED lights burn up to 80,000 hours, so your replacement costs will be a fraction of what they currently are. This type of super-long life span more than compensates for their initial higher cost.
  • More Durability – Traditional incandescent light bulbs have a frail filament that creates light when electricity passes through it. Even the slightest bump or jolt can cause this filament to shatter, ruining the bulb and requiring replacement. But not LED lighting, which can withstand much more vibration and shock, providing more durability and longer usable life.
  • Compactness – LED lights come in wide variety of sizes, including lights as tiny as 2 mm. That makes them ideal for fitting into hard-to-reach spaces or recessed lighting areas.
  • Faster Glow – Unlike other types of lighting, which sometimes require time to reach their full illumination, LED lights gain their full brightness the moment they are powered.
  • Safer and More Functional – Because they produce less heat, LED lighting is safer and cool to the touch so you will never have to worry about being accidentally burned while replacing or installing them.

To learn more about the ways LED lighting can improve the look and functionality of your home or office, contact us today for your free estimate on installing LED lights today.


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