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Melbourne Security Lighting

When it comes to lighting, we know that security is your primary concern. Installing high-quality security lights is essential for any home or business. It keeps intruders from entering your property and discourages vandalism. And it helps keep you and your loved ones safe when entering your property after dark. But most importantly, it gives you peace of mind that everything is safe and secure even when you can’t always be there.

Bright illuminating lights are one of the most affordable ways to keep burglars and other unwanted visitors from targeting your property. Thieves are more likely to move on to another victim if they see that your property is brightly lit and secure. Far less expensive than a costly alarm system, bright security lights can be easily installed and will instantly increase your safety and security substantially.

But simply having bright security lighting is not enough. You also need to know where to point them and which areas to illuminate to get maximum value and safety from them. Point a security light in the wrong direction and you can actually help a burglar or thief by making their job easier.

When choosing the best security lighting system for your Melbourne home or business, here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you illuminate all entrances into your property, not just the ones you use most often. Lighting only a couple of entrances may simply drive unwanted visitors to the darker alternatives.
  • Secure your security lighting with cages or plastic shielding and raise them up so that they can’t easily be broken, either accidentally or on purpose.
  • Complement your security lights with motion detectors so that they only light up when their triggers are tripped. Motion detectors not only provide an unpleasant surprise for unwanted visitors, but they help cut down on your energy costs by only providing light when you absolutely need it.
  • Shine light on both sides of your building. The best way to deter intruders is to create an uninterrupted “safety zone” of light that discourages them from entering.

Having a high-quality security lighting system not only lets you improve your safety and security, but it also provides you with the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are always protected.

To learn more about security lighting options for your home or business, contact Paul Gerber Electric for your free estimate today.


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Melbourne Security Lighting

Melbourne Security Lighting

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